Channeling Sessions

Channeling Sessions

cService Description:

Channeling Sessions at Merlin's Apothecary provide insights into your past lives, karmic influences, and the greater truths that animate this world and the next.

These sessions are designed to meet your needs and answer your questions. It can also be an open format, whereby we work together to bring information from the Akashic through to the 3D world. 

These sessions are designed to offer clarity, understanding, and guidance on various aspects of your spiritual journey, helping you make sense of patterns, challenges, and questions that arise in your current life or past lives.

What to Expect:

  • Personalized Exploration: Each session begins with an assessment of your specific questions and areas of curiosity. We'll tailor the channeling to focus on the area(s) most relevant to you.
  • Deep Insights: Experience detailed insights and guidance on your chosen questions or focus area. Popular examples include relationships, life events, and important choices. 
  • Past Lives: Merlin specializes in channeling past lives. Understand how these events influence your current life and what insights can be applied to accelerate your growth.
  • Guidance and Integration: Post-session, I'll provide guidance on how to integrate these insights into your current life, offering practical steps to apply the wisdom gained.

Example Focus Areas:

  • Past Life Experiences: Explore your past lives to uncover significant events, relationships, and experiences that shape your current life.
  • Karmic Influences: Understand the karmic patterns and connections that influence your present experiences and relationships.
  • Life Questions and Universal Truths: Gain answers and insights into specific life questions or broader universal truths that can guide your spiritual journey.


  • Submit Questions Online: Submit questions by email. Receive a detailed written report with the channeled insights and guidance. 
  • Live Sessions: Conducted via video calls, each session lasts 60-90 minutes. Clients ask questions in real-time and receive immediate feedback. 

Ideal For:

  • Individuals seeking to understand recurring life patterns and influences.
  • Those curious about their past lives and past life connections.
  • People looking for guidance on specific life questions or universal truths.


  • 30-Minute Written Session: $60 (Typically 1-2 Questions)
  • 60-Minute Written Session: $120 (Typically 2-4 Questions)
  • 90-Minute Written Session: $180 (Typically 4-6 Questions)


  • 30-Minute Live Session: $100 (Typically 1-2 Questions)
  • 60-Minute Live Session: $160 (Typically 2-4 Questions)
  • 90-Minute Live Session: $220 (Typically 4-6 Questions)

How to Get Started:

Book your Channeling Session by contacting us directly to schedule your live session or to submit your questions for a written report or recorded session. To keep up to date with our work, subscribe to our newsletter, below.

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