#6 | The Lovers

#6 | The Lovers

Overview: The Lovers card represents harmony, love, and union. It often indicates a meaningful relationship, deep connection, or a significant choice that must be made.

This card emphasizes the importance of aligning with one's values and finding balance in relationships.

Upright Meaning:

  • Themes: Love, harmony, partnership, choices.
  • Interpretation: The Lovers card suggests a deep connection and a harmonious relationship. It can also indicate a significant decision or choice that must be made, often related to matters of the heart. This card encourages aligning your actions with your values and seeking balance in your relationships.

Reversed Meaning:

  • Themes: Disharmony, imbalance, misalignment.
  • Interpretation: The reversed Lovers card may indicate conflict, imbalance, or misalignment in a relationship. It could also suggest a difficult choice or a sense of being torn between different paths. Reflect on your values and ensure that your decisions align with your true self.


  • Love: Signifies a deep connection and harmony in relationships, or the need to make a significant choice regarding love.
  • Career: Indicates partnerships and collaborations and emphasizes aligning your career choices with your values.
  • Finances: Encourages making financial decisions that are in harmony with your values and long-term goals.

Historical and Jungian Context: The Lovers card is often associated with the archetype of the Divine Couple, symbolizing the union of opposites and the harmony that comes from such balance.

Historically, this card represents the sacred bond of love and the choices we make that shape our destiny. In Jungian terms, The Lovers reflect the process of individuation, where integrating different aspects of oneself leads to wholeness and balance.

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